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An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds

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‘An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds’ is a book by British photographer Luke Stephenson, created in collaboration with the London based design studio YES.

This unique project documents the very British subject of show birds through a series of meticulous and striking photographs.

“The project began with a very simple idea, that I wanted to photograph budgies. I met a great deal of people who were very knowledgeable about their hobby and only too happy to share it with me. Their enthusiasm became infectious so that by simply photographing a species I felt I was adding it to my collection.” 

–Luke Stephenson

London based design studio YES has known Luke for many years and have always been huge fans of the series. After hatching the plan to make a book of the project, both Luke and YES began their collaboration.

‘An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds’ is the inaugural publishing project of Stephenson Press & YES.

The book was first published  December 2012


— 80 Pages with 60 Colour Plates

— Four limited edition dust jackets

— Textured casebound cover

— Dimensions: 151mm x 226mm

— Essay by British author and broadcaster

    Michael Smith

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