I have added a SHOP to my website where you can buy books and and other thing like the 99x99s poster which is now on SALE for £9.99 !!!

This is a new addition but i am planning on adding new things and limited editions in the future so keep checking on the SHOP.

The Clown Egg Register Book

I have a new book coming out on the 30th of March, Published by Particular Books.  In the book, 169 egg portraits from the inimitably eccentric collection are paired with biographies of each clown written by Helen Champion, revealing the bizarre, surprising and at times painful stories of their private and public lives. It’s a glimpse into a dying art form that continues to delight and terrify children and adults everywhere. See some of the images HERE and you can pre order your copy HERE 

Peasholm Park Naval Battle

I have created a new film of the wonderful Peasholm Park Naval Battle in Scarborough. It is a unique holiday attraction and could be the longest running show of all time, the first show was in 1927. 

The show sets out to recreate a naval battle which is loosely based on the second world war battle of the River Plate. The 20ft boats are proud to be the the smallest manned navy in the world. 

This spectacle happens throughout the summer from the end of May until September.

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