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The English Rose BOOK

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The English rose is an iconic symbol of the British isles that evokes royalty, war and beautiful women - a potent combination. For this project i wanted to celebrate the beauty of the roses from which these connotations are born. 

To capture these wonderful blooms I worked with David Austin Roses, the most renowned grower of English roses. 

Over the course of two summers I set up a small studio at the headquarters of David Austin in Wolverhampton, using a bright blue background as a stark contrast to the array of colours you find in roses.

I was assisted by senior rosarian Michael Marriott who selected the best examples of each variety of rose for me to photograph.  I captured 65 of the 111 varieties which I hope will show the the diversity and beauty of this symbolic flower.

— 96 Pages with 65 Colour Plates

— Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm

— Published By Stephenson Press 

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